At 30, Nick Cummins has become an Aussie cult hero known the world over!


Affectionately nicknamed the ‘Honey Badger’ amongst fans and media, Cummins is one of Australian’s most beloved personalities.


With a professional Rugby career spanning more than a decade at the top level, including 15 Test Match appearances for Australia’s national team, the Wallabies, Cummins super strength, fearless approach and wholehearted never give up attitude saw him regarded as one of the best Wingers to play the game.

However, it has been Cummins popularity off the field which has made him so unique.


With his signature look of blonde curly hair, moustache and head tape - reminiscent of eras gone by – the Badger’s post match television interviews and now famous one-liners saw him achieve the rare feat of ultimate team man, yet hugely charismatic individual – while being as humble and grounded as any elite athlete could be.


Sensational sayings, such as “I was busier than a one-armed brick layer in Baghdad” and “I was going off like a cut snake” defied even the dourest interviewers to hold a straight face, with Cummins single handily transforming the talking head interview into his own unique art form.

Since then, Nick has proven to be a rare comic genius in front of the camera, with his unbridled sense of fun, adventurous spirit and authentic larrikin persona drawing universal appeal, and catching the attention of major brands, publishers and television executives alike.


Nick has penned two books, Tales of The Honey Badger, and Adventures of The Honey Badger, which have both hit the Best Sellers list. He also has partnered with and appeared in advertising campaigns for a number of brands, including GoPro, Volkswagen, Tradie Underwear, The Iconic, Head & Shoulders and Iron Jack Beer.


Cummins is a sought-after guest speaker, with his colourful and humorous off-the cuff tales reflecting the life of a young man who has experienced heroic moments, misadventure and awe-inspiring travels.

The Badger stars in his own TV series, Meanwhile In Australia with Nick Cummins on National Geographic.

This year he is set for a whole new ball game when he steps up as the new Bachelor, on the Ten Network.


This, coupled with a new hosting role on the Netflix series, Ultimate Beastmaster: Survival of the Fittest and the Honey Badger continues to “go vertical”, bringing his ever increasing global audience along for the ride!


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