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Nick Cummins passes the “toughest test of his life” on SAS Australia

A challenge fit for only the most elite Special Forces soldiers saw Nick Cummins endure injuries, extreme physical endurance, tears and triumph on Seven’s SAS Australia.

Nick Cummins, has emerged as one of only three recruits to pass the SAS selection course on Seven’s hit programme, SAS Australia. Cummins completed a series of gruelling Special Forces recruitment challenges alongside his fellow successful recruits Sabrina Frederick and Merrick Watts.

One of the most talked about programmes of 2020, SAS Australia had no winners, instead those who passed the extreme tests prescribed by the ex-Special Forces soldiers remained on the course. Out of the 17 celebrity recruits, Cummins, Watts and Frederick were the only three who could withstand the intense two week course.

"To get through with Merrick and Sabrina was just an amazing experience,” says Nick. “I feel like I’ve learned a truckload, I’ve learned about myself too. Definitely bulletproof for life, for sure!”

From sub-zero temperatures, extreme physical tests, interrogation, mental torture and sleep deprivation, this course was brutal and unforgiving. The ex-Special Forces Directing Staff ran the entire course without producer direction – it was their way or the highway. Cummins says his SAS Australia served him real life lessons he will never forget. In reflection, Cummins says he has learned, “resilience, leadership, a new understanding of my own capabilities and knowing we grow through what we go through.”

Cummins says despite his success on the course, he would not want to undergo the brutal selection process of SAS Australia again.

“It was an unreal experience, but probably not. If there was a whole new level of toughness, I’d be tempted to challenge myself again but no, I won’t be rushing back anytime soon” says Cummins.



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