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Nick Cummins releases new book in time for Christmas

Are you jaded by modern life? Do you dream of going rogue, running hard, standing tall, fearing nothing and getting off the grid? Then meet The Badger...

The Honey Badger Guide to Life is a maverick guide to a better life for anyone who wants to live at maximum revs and get smarter, stronger and happier in the process. Nick Cummins teaches novice Badgers how to survive and thrive in the urban jungle with tips on culture and career, sex and romance, life and death, manners and morals, friends and family. Listen in as The Badger schools you in how to: Give a speech; Win an argument; Master a 'Man hug'; Tell a joke; Break-up with a bird; Talk to God; Survive in the wild; Head-butt a shark; Un-riddle the Sphinx; Wrestle a buffalo; Beat the blues; Crop-dust a church; Hijack a rum truck; Give up the grog; Ride a bobsled; Do the wild thing; Be at one with 'the little Badger'... and much more! Packed with crazy yarns, dinkum Badger-isms and warped wisdom acquired on his adventures around Australia and the world, this hilarious, warm (and weird) book will enlighten, entertain, and inspire you to embrace life… just like The Honey Badger.



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