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Nick Cummins launches Rogue passion project

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Nick Cummins has announced the official launch of Rogue Gentlemen’s Club.

Rogue Gentlemen’s Club is a passion project of Cummins’, in which he hopes to share what he has learned about manhood through his own adventures and challenges.

For Cummins, going rogue means shaking off the shackles of busy city life and immersing yourself in the cleansing energy of nature.

The intent of these adventures is to provide a platform for men to recharge and give them the space to discuss their fears and vulnerabilities.

RGC wants men to be able to open up, find their passion and purpose, and return home with a newfound motivation and confidence, as gentlemen who can stand tall and make themselves and their families proud.

It begins with a Rogue Mission, a journey into the off-grid freedom of the Australian bush, beach or mountains. Cummins invites participants to hike, camp, hunt and forage for food, where they will gain skills, have fun, test themselves and ultimately, build everlasting bonds around the fire.

Of the project, Cummins said:

“I’ve experienced some amazing highs and crushing lows over my sporting career and faced many challenges personally and professionally. For me, reconnecting has always been to disconnect, reset and recharge. Surrounding myself with nature and a good support network is so important and I want to share that with as many people as I can”.

Following the mission, participants will join an online RGC Community, where other men are also invited to sign up. This hub will keep members connected and celebrate the wins of one another, as well as offer support and encouragement when times get tough.

Cummins believes that just three or four days away can be a catalyst for profound change.

To find out more about Rogue Gentlemen’s Club, visit

Visit Rogue Gentlemen's Club



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