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It’s all in the delivery! Nick Cummins gives some tips to Volkswagen Amarok’s new sales guy in VW’s

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

With a line for every scenario, Nick Cummins has dropped into Volkswagen Australia’s new “Ripper Deals” Amarok campaign to help Volkswagen’s new sales man sell it to the people of Australia.

In the new television campaign, Nick is seen taking the timid sales guy through a series of new sales techniques and lines to help him sell-in Amarok’s new price promotion.

With line suggestions, such as “It’s a ripper deal, miss it, and it will hurt more than a kick in the cags,” Nick is on hand to ensure the ad is authentic and what the audience wants to hear.

Volkswagen Commercial kicked off its multi-year association with Cummins last year, which will see him feature in the brands on-going social, digital and retail television campaigns. 

Cummins’ Meanwhile in Australia with Nick Cummins series on National Geographic also featured Nick in his Amarok V6 Turbo-diesel, as he travelled along the southern coast of Australia hunting for the unique personalities that give Australia its character.



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